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Our Philosophy Influences Every Treatment We Offer

We believe that:

  • Your body is designed to maintain balance
  • Each person requires their own unique therapy plan
  • The slightest change can lead to huge benefits (butterfly effect) 
  • A healthy body always creates a foundation for a healthy mind

Ayurveda's primary philosophy is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the east you don't pay your doctor when you get sick, because it is their job to understand your body's constitution (dosha) and keep you healthy preventing disease and dis-ease! Fundamentally Ayurvedic medicine is not waiting for you to get sick before addressing healthy living. It is a lifestyle practice. 

A balanced approach:

Modern life is filled with disruptive energies that unbalance us, from geopathic stress lines to EMF and ELF, exposure from technology, some people are more sensitive than others. Our therapies restore balance to the body to prevent disease and boost energy. When you are out of alignment, then your nervous system will not function at its best, which leads to pain, inflammation and diseases. Our therapies will help to identify the root cause of disease and dis-ease to assist in restore your balance, while making important lifestyle changes that support your health goals. After realignment, stress alleviates from the cells, your energy will be naturally boosted and your symptoms of pain or malfunction will decrease significantly.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine Services in Los Angeles
Ayurvedic Medicine Services in Los Angeles

Ayurvedic Medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world's oldest holistic ("Whole-body") healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.

Based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, with treatments that are geared toward specific health problems.


Quantum Therapy

Quantum Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Quantum Therapy Services in Los Angeles

Quantum Therapy (SCIO / EPFX Machine) – an energetic medicine system that utilizes electro-dermal screening, stress testing, biofeedback.

Biofeedback is the use of electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function in order to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function.This can change the expression of your genes and ultimately the way that your body responds to stress, toxins, and bacteria.

  • By harnessing the power of your mind and becoming aware of what’s going on inside your body, you can gain more control over your health.
    Promotes relaxation
  • Electrodes send signals to a monitor that displays images that represent your heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, sweating, or muscle activity.
  • Monitors stress responses in order to rewire the stress responses in the body
  • Fine-tune relaxation exercises to control different body functions.

Nebulizer Therapy

Nebulizer Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Nebulizer Therapy Services in Los Angeles

By inhaling a specifically formulated blend of natural essential oils, you will experience the powerful therapeutic benefits of Nebulizer Therapy. Specific essential oils are known to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory conditions andhave mood lifting or mind focusing properties. Selected by our therapists, these blends will address your specific needs, to enhance your state of mind and help you achieve your goals of optimal health.


Far Infrared Therapy Services (Biomat™)

Far Infrared Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Far Infrared Therapy Services in Los Angeles

Far Infrared Therapy (BioMat) – Far Infrared Therapy uses waves, or rays, of energy to penetrate all layers of the body into the innermost regions of tissues, muscles, and bone. This is used to slightly elevate the surface temperature of the body. When we slightly induce a temperature increase, we can enhance the body’s functioning on multiple levels.

This therapy particularly benefits those with skin problems or those in the process of eliminating toxins. It helps clean the liver and kidneys, increases blood flow through the expansion of capillaries, increases oxygenation and regeneration of blood, and detoxifies tissues. Together this boosts the immune system.


Immune Restoration Therapy 

Frequency Specific Biofeedback Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Frequency Specific Biofeedback Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Details available shortly.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Cupping Therapy Services in Los Angeles

An ancient therapy that reduces tension and inflammation, relieves headaches, and increases blood circulation, by using cups to create mild suction on your body.

Massage manipulates soft tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons to alleviate stress and muscle tension, as well as treat acute and chronic pain conditions.


Light and Sound Neurotherapy

Light and Sound Therapy Services in Los Angeles
Light and Sound Therapy Services in Los Angeles

Another form of drug-free mental health therapy, light and sound Neurotherapy improves quality of sleep, decreases anxiety, improves concentration, and reduces irritability. The therapy uses headphones and sunglasses that synchronize to induce a desired brainwave state for optimal functioning. The headphones and glasses perform tasks that work in tandem. While the headphones emit specific sound frequencies that influence brain wave rhythms to enable a sense of calm, the glasses emit LED lights sequences that trigger the opening of neural pathways, literally acting as brain therapy.

Depending on the program that is set, light and sound neurotherapy can reduce trauma, correct jetlag,...

... emit in sequences according to the program it is set for which includes opening neural pathways in the brain meaning therapy. lights in specific frequencies This state can be reached through meditation and breathing exercises, as well. Though light and sound therapy does this immediately by bringing the state of the brain to optimal performance. It increases learning abilities, analysis skills, memorization, and performance.


Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Cranial Electrotherpay Services in Los Angeles
Cranial Electrotherpay Services in Los Angeles

CES is a non-invasive therapy that reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain through small doses of electrical stimulation across the crain. This influences endorphin levels and serotonin in the body.


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Services in Los Angeles
Guided Meditation Services in Los Angeles

Meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Meditation has also been scientifically proven to open up neural pathways, lower stress levels, and increase empathy, compassion, and perspective-taking.

The reflection of a healthy body from the inside out is facilitated through meditative practice, using the body as a vehicle to bring about positive change, empowerment, and motivation from within.

Intrinsic in a life of wellness and happiness is the practice of meditation. A few minutes of meditation a day can transform a person’s behavioral responses, symptomatic behavior, and even produce an outer glow.


Hypnotherapy Electrode Laser Program

Guided Meditation Services in Los Angeles
Guided Meditation Services in Los Angeles

The brain's daily conscious thoughts can be calm, but anxious, depressive and obsessive thoughts often stem in subconscious reactivity. The subconscious mind can create an overreaction to regular experiences. These reactions can be debilitating and may be the root cause of mood swings, eating disorders, weight gain, chronic fatigue, abusive behavior, pain internally and other illnesses. Hypnotherapy Electrode Laser Light Program (HELP) works to heal a patient's subconscious reactivity to life and trauma while simultaneously creating awareness and grounding the patient to their physical body.

HELP is a program developed by Dr. Varshini from her years of research in Neurosurgery, clinical practice and spiritual training. HELP utilizes several technologies that have been researched and practiced in medical clinics around the world since the 1800's.

This program slows down the brain’s spin cycles to a level that is associated with subconscious and irrational thinking. Once the patient is in a slower spin cycle, hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) are introduced. Additionally, electrodes and laser light therapy are used to reconnect the patient’s central nervous system (CNS), which is often affected during stress conditions, to bring attention to their physical body. This program includes three light lasers (red, far infrared and ultraviolet), electrotherapy, far infrared heat therapy, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, binaural/light sequencing therapy and hypnotherapy NLP. The use of these modalities in concert benefits the mental, emotional and physiological conditions of the patient in a unique, pain-free, harmonizing way.


A Story

When I started my therapy at Quantum Clinic, I was given something called a CES Machine. and I just hooked these electrodes to my earlobes, and it provides me with the same kind of relaxation as meditation would. 

I also received a Quantum Biofeedback Scan and it's interesting, because all the concerns that I came with were not discussed until my scan was over, but my scan brought up the issues of Candida, low levels of magnesium, constipation which has do with irritable bowel syndrone. All of the things that came up in the scan were things that I had been previously diagnosed with at hospitals or doctor's offices.

Rather than putting a Band-Aid on it, I realized with Quantum Clinic you can go inside your body and heal from the inside out. That's a big one, because healing from the outside in, you're "healing" with Tylenol, you're not really healing, your are just putting a Band-Aid on things.

So far I've only had three sessions at Quantum Clinic, but that's all I feel I need to have to feel really connected to my body and to know what I needed. And obviously your internal and external environments are constantly changing, and so I know that I could probalby benefit from having more sessions. But even one or two can change your entire life at this clinic.

 So, I would say that the overall experience is very pleasant and the environment is beautfiul. Just being inside the clinic feels healing, so I with all the warm energy, the tea, and the probiotics that they offer. They just care so much about their patients, as if they're family and you can really sense that what you come in for a scan, which is really a beautiful things.

— [GB]


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