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  • Chronic Symptons That Will Not Go Away

    Are you having chronic symptoms that will not go away?

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    Do you want to live more naturally and cut down on medications?

  • Overwhelmed and Depleted

    Do you feel unnecessarily overwhelmed and depleted of energy?


Quantum Clinic LA

Quantum Clinic provides personalized health care to individuals in a comprehensive manner, taking into account all of the imbalances in the mind and body and the ways in which these imbalances influence each other. Innovative research among all fields of health has proven that physical, mental, and emotional stress experienced by individuals explain the devastating effects of energy levels, disease, and sickness in the body.

At Quantum Clinic, we address the source of this stress. We create protocols for clients that reverse imbalances through the use of evidence-based natural remedies that are proven to increase energy, reduce pain, and ultimately restore homeostatic functioning in the body.

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Personalized Holistic Health

Within one session at Quantum Clinic LA, we can provide you with a greater understanding of your own body’s strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, and imbalances and provide you with natural, holistic solutions in the form of protocols. If you follow these protocols, your body will return to it’s natural functioning. Using the body’s interconnectedness as a means of understanding healing will allow you to reach the optimum energy levels and overall wellness that you deserve.

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The overarching goal of Ayurvedic medicine and of Quantum Clinic is to enable you to feel as healthy, young, alive, and strong as possible- at every stage of your life.


A Story

"It was a different experience from the clinics I have been to in the past 3 years since I’ve been dealing with this sickness. It’s a very different experience. With her and her staff, it feels like a family environment. I think each patient should feel that way if they are trying to get better health. This is one of the things that I felt when I went to QC, that beautiful environment where everyone is helping each other, everyone cares for each other, each person on staff wants to help. Dr. Varshini is trustworthy, she’s honest, and she tries to find the best care for her patients. I know this because it has happened to me."

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QC Journals

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Divine Straightening with Alexander Toskar

By Dr. Varshini Soobiah - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

We are honored to host international spiritual healer, Alexander Toskar, at Quantum Clinic for healing sessions August 2nd and 3rd (subject to change). For more than 8 years, Alexander has been visiting Los Angeles to guide many along the path to health and happiness.


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Recharged and Ready!

By Dr. Varshini Soobiah - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Problem: You have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Maybe you feel like you have an overactive mind and experience anxiety. You aren't alone. We've been there, too. Sleep is essential, and without enough of it we can become irritable, snappy, and develop a series of health-related issues that can deteriorate our quality of life.  


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Lose Weight with Balance

By Dr. Varshini Soobiah - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Problem: You've gained too much weight, and it's proving to be extremely difficult to lose. Or maybe you've gained weight, and you don't feel any motivation to lose it. The scary truths about weight gain and difficulty with weight loss is that it can reduce quality of life, contribute to disease and depression, and can deprive the body of the energy needed to focus on other beneficial activities, such as ridding the body of toxins.